ZENITH Oilfield Technology LTd
A simple overview
Technology for peak well performance
Over 4,000 downhole monitoring systems and more than 750 completion systems installed worldwide. 
Zenith focuses on pioneering new technologies to enable optimum recovery from customer reserves through the gathering and analysis of downhole data and design of generic and bespoke completion equipment. Working on behalf of the customer, Zenith have rapidly become the independent world leader in downhole monitoring systems
A reliable downhole monitoring system is of utmost importance for assessing well and artificial lift system performance. Reliable measurements surrounding your ESP or other lift system gives you confidence in pushing that system to its optimum performance, enabling maximum production with the knowledge that the pump is running within its specified limits — optimum production and runlife can be successfully and confidently managed with reliable downhole sensor equipment

Zenith auto flow valves
By rerouting flow around rather than through a non-operational ESP, thereby eliminating the associated restriction and resulting damage to the pump, significant improvements in production can be realised.
Typically installed in wells produced by ESP in situations where the well can flow without assistance, Zenith Auto Flow Valves (AFV) facilitate significant production increases by allowing continued flow to surface when your pump is switched off.
In addition, the valves enhance pump protection by preventing tubing solids descending into the pump on shut-down, defending against pump damage.

When a well is no longer free flowing the Zenith Wireline-Retrievable Auto Flow Valve (W-AFV) can be retrieved from the well with slickline. The W-AFV can be redressed and reinstalled in a new well, significantly increasing your return on investment.

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