Core laboratories are a leading provider of proprietary and patented reservoir description,production enhancement and reservoir management services. these services enable the company`s clients to optimize eservoir performance and Core laboratories Middle East operations provide an extensive range of PVT services.

Fluid types
All fluid can be handled by our PVT laboratory including Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S)
Heavy oil, black oil, volatile oil, gas condensate, wet gas, dry gas and water.

Sample restoration, sample transfers, open hole chamber analyses, sample validation , flash separation by spikeflash method, flash separation by cryogenic distillation,recombination,constant composition expansion, differential vaporization, constant volume depletion, separator tests,viscosity and pressurized density.

High pressure and temperature
A custom designed pressure PVT cell for fluids collected high pressure and\or temperature reservoirs (maximum pressure: 20.000psig & maximum temperature: 200 c)

Viscosity is determined using an electro‐magnetic viscometer (EMV) developed by Cambridge instruments. This instrument is based on a patented technique in which magnetic force is applied to a piston immersed in the fluid under test. Motion of the piston is resisted by viscous drag of the fluid and the equipment is checked annually using pure component or synthetic fluids viscosity and density
Range 0.02 to 10.000cp, maximum pressure 20.000psig, and maximum temperature: 190c, all fluid types.
Equipment calibration
Equipment is calibrated at regular predefined intervals in accordance with documented procedures.

Pressurized density
A high pressure PAAR density meter is u􀆟lized for densi􀆟es up to 20.000 psig and 200c.

Lean gas condensates
During a constant composition expansion (CCE) experiment of gas condensates the retrograde liquid volume should be measured until a maximum liquid drop out is achieved. Using conventional PVT equipment this is only possible by introducing a smaller sample volume (30cm3) the smaller the sample size the less retrograde liquid volume there is and therefore the larger the error in the measurement. This error is increased for very lean condensates.
Core laboratories utilize specialized large volume PVT cells which allow an initial sample size of up 300 cm3to be introduced. A unique piston design, in conjunction with the small visual window and video capture system. Enables accurate retrograde liquid measurements to be determined at any pressure during the CCE experiment

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