M-I SWACO develops technologies that result in the best products.
A simple overview

While we’ve been solving problems for our customers, we’ve developed new systems and new ways of using them that have reduced drilling and completion costs, improved production rates and minimized environmental impact. These developments have given M-I SWACO one of the strongest and most complete product and service offerings in the industry.
This website offers detailed information on our products and services. Please feel free to browse through this information and be sure to contact us if you have any questions. We promise a quick response.
Products designed to remove grease and production-impacting material

specialty production chemicals
Corrosion Inhibitors
Chemicals to combat corrosion in production, processing and transportation
Chemicals for separating has from oil and water
Chemicals that resolve emulsification issues in crude oil production, processing
Hydrate Inhibitors
Specialty chemicals to inhibit gas hydrate formation
Products for controlling wide range of harmful bacterial activity
Oxygen Scavengers
Treatment chemicals for efficient water injection systems
Paraffin Inhibitors
Products to remove production-restricting wax and asphaltene deposition
Scale Dissolvers
Products to control mineral scale in production operations
Scale Inhibitors
Inhibitors for both sulfate and carbonate scales in water processing
Tracer Dyes
Products to detect leaks during pipeline and vessel hydro-tests
Water Clarifiers
Chemicals for removing hydrocarbon residue for disposable wat

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