Manufacturing of oil field chemicals

We offer a diverse range of business models, opportunities globally spanning the manufacturing and supply of Oil field chemicals (both oil and water base)  such as demulsifier, corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor, antifoam, oxygen scavenger.



We have specially formulated Oil field chemicals that destabilize both, oil-in-water and water-in-oil type emulsions when used in low treatment dosages of 50-500ppm with minimal contact time.

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We manufacture blends of Low‐toxicity defoaming agents that helps to control foaming in freshwater muds, seawater muds, and all brine systems. Our product is Compatible with all common mud additives and useful in a low concentration.

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Corrosion Inhibitor

Our corrosion inhibitors effectively control corrosion on most metals. They can be used to treat water cut well flow lines, process equipment, and oil pipelines.

Oxygen Scavengers

Manufacturing of oil field chemicals

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