SKK is an expert of sludge treatment service with forty (40) years' experience for large-scale tanks of crude oil and heavy fuel oil. SKK still pays continuous efforts to develop technologies for cleaning methods, washing machines and recovery units to recover valuable products, which results in the first-class reputation throughout the world.

Huge plant complex and storage tanks in the oil and chemical industries are standing in a row throughout the world just like the symbol of modern industry, from which various products are being distributed to support current human life. Maintenance works for those plants and complex are continuously carried out behind the daily production and environmental protection.

SKK is fully aware of the Importance of Maintenance and proud of providing the distinguished technologies & services to our clients.
System Kikou Co., Ltd (SKK) is a pionior and leading company of oil sludge treatment with 300 commercial experiences in the last 10 years. The application of our technology brings huge economical benefit by oil recovery from waste sludge together with environmental protection.
SKK has expanded its service and business in maintenance and ecology fields through continuous efforts of technology development.